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Fraud Alert: Please remember that the bank will never call and ask for your debit or credit card number or any information about your accounts. Never confirm or provide any personal or financial information to a caller and contact your local banker if you receive any call of this nature.

About Us

The First, headquarted in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, began as a dream on a back porch in South Mississippi. A group of local businessmen talked about creating a bank that would take care of business by taking care of people one customer at a time... and The First was born. Now, that dream has grown from a back porch to cities and towns all over South Mississippi, South Alabama, and Louisiana. The First is more than a bank... because it is still a group of friends building relationships and taking care of business one customer at a time!  The First currently has 31 locations and assets exceeding $1 billion.

The First, Just the Bank for You!  


Latest News and Expansion  

Tri-State Expansion Strategy: 5 Year Plan
Branch Expansion and Bank Acquisitions: <$500 Million in Assets
In Growing Areas of MS, AL and LA

Acquired 8 Whitney Branches in MS: $179 Million Deposits

De Novo Expansion: Ocean Springs, MS Branch

Successful Private Placement: $20 M

Acquired First National Bank of Baldwin County: $187 Million Assets

Acquisition of BCB Holding Co. of Mobile (Bay Bank)

Post Acquisition: 31 locations; $250 M Deposits in Mobile MSA
9th Market Ranking

Opened Loan Production Offices in Baton Rouge and Slidell, LA

Second Quarter: $1 Billion in Assets and Operations in 3 States



About The First Bancshares, Inc.
The First Bancshares, Inc., headquartered in Hattiesburg, Miss., is the parent company of The First, A National Banking Association. Founded in 1996 near Hattiesburg, Mississippi, The First has grown rapidly through South Mississippi, South Alabama and Louisiana providing services competitive to those found at larger regional banks. The Company’s stock is traded on Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol FBMS. Information is available on the Company’s website